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white chalk
crushed, 100g
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About us
f.l.t.r David, Said, Julian, Laura
The people behind the brand
Short introduction 👋
David & Julian founded re:white in 2016 after working together as product designers and architects. Said has taken over production since 2019 and ensures that our chalk is always top quality. Our textile finisher Laura has been on board since 2020 and takes care of the distribution as well as yarn & colour.
Made in Hamburg
Over the years, one thing has always been particularly important to us: doing a lot ourselves. That's why we have built up our own production step by step, where we can process and fill chalk, for example. This not only makes us very flexible, but also allows us to produce and deliver quickly. 📦
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Over 50,000 trees planted
Environmental awareness is very important to all of us personally, which is why we are constantly working to improve our products. We do almost completely without plastic, have at least one tree planted for every product sold and only fill our chalk in unbleached paper packaging. 🌱
Learn more about our sustainability here →
Colour, yarn &
many sieves
We print and embroider our clothing in our own textile workshop. We only print water-based and environmentally friendly colours on our shirts using the screen printing process and also offer prints for B2B customers, e.g. for competitions. 🌈
Learn more about screen printing here →
Packages & lots of tape
We also pack and send our parcels ourselves. We make sure that your parcel arrives quickly and in one piece and usually add a little goodie. 🤫✌️
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Founding is a great adventure
In 2016, we founded our brand as "whiteout-climbing". Back then, it all started with the idea of making coloured chalk - but the idea was discarded pretty quickly. However, we were already fully immersed in the matter of "chalk" and really wanted to know if it was possible to make the 'perfect' chalk.

Our path was one thing above all: an adventure. At the beginning, we ground the chalk in old grape mills and packed it with self-made filling machines. We drove around Germany in a van for months to market our product and were even forced to change our name.
How whiteout became
The beginning of the Corona Pandemic was also the time when we set up our textile workshop and wanted to start with our first self-printed shirts. However, we did not have any European trademark rights for the term "whiteout" and could not come to an agreement with the owner of the brand. So we had only one option - a complete rebranding.

re:white is not a compromise for us. The name embodies our attitude towards environmental protection and at the same time still carries the spirit of the old brand name.
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The sustainable climbing brand.
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rewhite-climbing GmbH
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22525, Hamburg