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white chalk
crushed, 100g
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Team re:white 🙌
Our team consists of great people who all share the same passion. Whether professional athlete, routsetter or ambassador - each one is an equal part of this fantastic family.

Lisa Friedrich
Dasha Kan
Julia Fiser
Helen Danco
Linus Bader
Jan-Luca Posch
Karla Schmitz-Kolkmann
Linus Raatz
@linus clause
Hannah Meul
Sergii Topishko
Cristian Dorigatti
Sebastian Lucke
Helen Wolf
Paul Steinig
Chinese river dolphin
@lina Finch
Martha Karpeter
@martha carp
Duncan Bottrill
Mathias Conrad
Magnus midtbø
Leander Carmanns
Lilli gravel
Luna Friedrich
Valentine Lemouton
Sophie Rauberger
Pia Zuber
Henry Heinemann
Leon Scholl
Emma Bernhard
Stephan Vogt
Julian Radecker
Samuel Mathis
Lily Cornely
Luise Svensson
Nigel Armino
Lars Hoffman
Max's trefoil saddle
@max clover saddle
Nicolas Schall
Luis Funk
Tim Wuerthner
Nora Caterin Born
Fabian Pensel
Egor Kryachkov
Erik Heldmann
Jost Lehmann
René Oberkirch
Marcel Barteldrees
Sophia Wolfrat
Maik Dreymüller
Ambassador & Local Heroes
Christian Haag
Hendrik Lemp
Tom Schwarzbach
Manuel Lugoboni
Aric Merz
Christopher Rudolph
Christopher Keil
Hannes Kutza
Moritz Uhlmann
Felicia Temple
Stefan Kohlert
Filippo Sala
Sophie Kessler
Tony Guenther
Steffen Brehm
Hendrik Lemp
Robin Bauer
Tom Franke
Lorenz Mrohs
Jannik Fiedler
Frederike Förster
Danielle Molnar
Jasmin Schröder
Tobias Waldmann
Paul Greiner
Lukas Schalk
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